Administration Headquarters “Seniat” Maracay.

2007-2008 / 1.400 Tons

Avenida Las Delicias, Maracay, Estado Aragua.

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Parking Building “Palacio de Eventos"

2009-2010 / 1.300 Tons

Circunvalación # 2, Maracaibo, Estado Zulia.

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Our Mission:

- To provide the best business to our customers providing on time response as well as good service, having reliable and safe providers.

  • - To train our employees to develop their knowledge, abilities and dexterity in maintaining the quality system and continuous improvement.
  • - Asegurar nuestra presencia y contribución al desarrollo del país en las futuras generaciones a través la seguridad, la equidad social, el crecimiento económico y el uso eficiente de los recursos naturales y del ambiente.

Our vision:

To offer the best businesses with more applications and solutions in integrated metallic systems that improves the quality of life and promotes the sustainable and lasting development. Our futuristic vision is reflected in the use of the newest technologies in order to apply a continuous improvement process to remain in our number one position at a national level as an organization that generates creative and innovative work.

Our values:

The work and the excellency are the basis of our organization, based in a philosophy of profitability, oriented towards our customers, the total safety and the responsibility towards the community in general.

· Products and construction systems we offer


We are specialized in modular systems to develop projects at great scales in the metal mechanic industry, being able to attend the oil, industrial and commercial markets.


The CENO structural system, manufactured in high resistance steel bars, capable of covering great lights, being the main feature that it decreases the cost in up to 30% with respect to conventional systems for industrial structures due to its low weight per square meter.


Structural lattice system manufactured in laminated profiles.


Structural breached system without tensor, whole soul profile (laminated and welded) and/or in structural piping


Structures for bridges-cranes in whole soul profiles, designed according to the demand of the same


Supply and installation of closings depending on the needs: conventional acclimatized covers, and isolating panels with injected polystyrene, both compatible with metallic systems both for coating planes on the roof as well as for rubblework or façade.


In such sense, we are able to offer Cellular Concrete for roofs (CONCRECEL ®), which is a low density concrete which weighs only a third part of the weight of conventional concrete, being able to provide thermo acoustic features and works along with the metallic structure and the collaborating lamina “losacero” type.


Special structures to satisfy any type of need (Bridges, multi family buildings, pressure recipients, pipe racks, advertising structures, skids, illumination and/or communication towers, hangars, metallic shelving, emergency stairs etc).


Spatial mesh or “tridilosas” as a structural solution for ornamental purpose on roofing tiles and or great lighting as the case may be, manufactured in structural steel or aluminium piping.


All the services provided to our customers are guaranteed by the design and structural revision of our technical room using specialized last generation design programs.